Study: Brands Turning to Digital Asset Management (DAM) for Omnichannel Success

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This report reveals:

  • The top challenges brands face with content creation
  • The difficulties of creating consistent omnichannel experiences
  • The ways DAM could be the solution to these challenges

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It's An Omnichannel World


We know it’s an omnichannel world now, for consumers and marketers. And a recent Forrester Research study commissioned by ESKO and MediaBeacon reveals these key facts:

85% of brands surveyed across North America and Europe plan to invest more in omnichannel marketing experiences in 2017.

These firms understand how important a digital asset management (DAM) solution is to driving ROI for these key investments.

This extensive report, The Next Generation of Digital Asset Management: Driving Positive Brand Experiences Across the Customer Journey from Digital to Social to Physical, is available as a free download from ESKO/MediaBeacon.


Over 60% of the 157 firms surveyed say they will be increasing the amount of rich media content they will produce over the next two years – crucial to their effort to keep up with consumer expectations and competitors’ advances.


But marketers also know this requires efficient processes and confidence in their ability to deliver brand/message consistency across all platforms.

That’s why our study showed that:


Over a quarter of brands had either adopted a DAM solution or were piloting one today, and an additional 19% said they were in the early planning stages. Only 1 in 8 brands said they weren’t interested in all.