Digital Asset Management For Creatives & Marketers

You’re a creative or a marketer. You need to find
files quickly, know their usage rights, & acquire
proper approvals. MediaBeacon can help.

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Find Files Quickly

You find yourself often unsure of where to find a particular file, leading to wasted time searching. MediaBeacon makes finding that specific image, video, document, etc quick and easy from anywhere. Central, metadata driven, asset storage removes team silos, making work quicker.

Illustration of a character sitting at computer searching for a file.
Illustrated characters arguing about right and wrong. MediaBeacon helps track the approval process.

Know A File's Usage Rights

MediaBeacon makes it easy to see which assets you have the rights to use, when, and where. No more questioning if you’re putting the company at risk by using an asset that you don’t have the rights to.

Acquire Proper Approvals

No more wasted time trying to track project progress and approvals in email. MediaBeacon fixes that process with process management, allowing you to customize your workflow to ensure proper approvals and feedback are collected before project completion.

Manage your marketing workflow process with digital asset management

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