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MediaBeacon Digital Asset Management (DAM)

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Come and explore the challenges companies must overcome when managing their digital assets from June 28-29.

Introducing M4STERPLAN

With the sheer number of assets organizations generate on daily basis, it has never been more critical to take control of product and marketing collateral. MediaBeacon is used by many CPGs as the mission-critical system of record for product-related assets. We improve time-to-market by bringing accountability and consistency to asset re-use and distribution. 

Consumer Packaged Goods

MediaBeacon thrives in today's fast-paced production environment. With its powerful search and seamless integration with Apple and Avid products, MediaBeacon is perfectly suited to take your workflows to the next level. But don't take it from us. Listen to our satisfied customers.

Government agencies need to consider what it takes to bring their content to the 21st century. Everything is captured digitally today, so a way to manage and distribute that media over the any number of channels is necessary. The most vital goal for them is to capture, manage and share information with their current 'customers' and those who could arise tomorrow – easily.

Museums are full of precious artifacts, photographs, stories, and factual information that need to be cataloged, accessed, and shared between various business systems and users. The most vital goal for them is to preserve valuable and often irreplaceable information about the artifacts in their possession.

MediaBeacon enables brand owners and CMOs to take control and track performance of brand-related content throughout its entire life-cycle: from brand ideation to development to brand maintenance. Knowing where assets are in their lifecycle and what their rights are in real time makes it easier for brand owners to track the performance and consistency of their most important asset: their brand.

In publishing it's all about unmodified workflow and seamless collaboration with existing enterprise applications. Modern publishing organizations have a fast-paced production environment with accelerated speed-to-market objectives. MediaBeacon lets you achieve them faster and more efficiently.

Colleges and universities need the ability to customize—what works for one program or department won't necessarily work for another. Fortunately, MediaBeacon is up to the challenge. It allows an infinite variety of interfaces, while giving you the power to control exactly how users interact with files.

Mission & Vision

​MediaBeacon is dedicated to enabling our customers' digital assets with new technology, new reach, and excellence. Different and better.​


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MediaBeacon has provided outstanding enterprise innovation for more than 20 years.

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MediaBeacon, Inc. develops innovative technology and solutions that empower corporations worldwide. MediaBeacon, Inc.'s asset management solution, MediaBeacon, automates and streamlines the process of managing digital assets while controlling costs, increasing productivity, and capitalizing on return on investment.

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Brand Owners

Digital Asset Management (DAM), is not just about controlling and managing media assets like videos, photos, audio and compound documents like Adobe and Quark. It is about empowering them for use in a media supply chain. With over 20 years' experience, MediaBeacon stands unmatched in our understanding of DAM.




Enhance Performance

C3ntrifuge increases performance and provides high-availability for large enterprise deployments.

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Enterprise File Sync & Share​​

M4sterPlan is secure Enterprise File Sync and Share for distributed teams with advanced metrics and administration. Work from anywhere without losing control.

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Enterprise Search Engine

​Finally: an enterprise search engine that dovetails seamlessly with DAM. R3Search transforms search into an analytical and discovery tool. R3Search lets you build searches exactly how you think: one piece at a time.

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Digital Asset Management

R3volution is an award-winning Digital Asset Management platform. Finding your assets has never been easier. With an intuitive widget-based interface, using R3volution feels just like using a desktop. It's easy to use, easy to administer, and easy to change. Plus, with HTML5, R3volution runs just as well on an iPad as it does on a desktop. No apps required. Other solutions hem you in. MediaBeacon sets you free. It's the perfect way to save time, money, and creative sanity.

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Digital Asset Management (DAM) is about more than just finding files. It's about ensuring that everyone who touches a file knows exactly what they've got, where it came from, and where it's going next. It's about empowerment. With over 20 years' experience and hundreds of enterprise deployments, MediaBeacon does this better than anyone else.

World-class innovative rich media management, search, and re-use designed for global brands. We provide Enterprise clients with asset management system strategies that will accommodate increasing demands and evolving business strategies, including: award-winning innovation, simplified adoption, advanced metrics, and powerful governance. MediaBeacon facilitates automation in the digital supply chain, cost effectiveness, and control. MediaBeacon Digital Asset Management (DAM) is your first, best tool for innovation in a modern age.

​​​Digital Asset Management integrated Secure Enterprise File Sync/Share (EFSS).​  For the first time, distributed teams can have the power of DAM with the ease of a drop box: predictive sync, metrics, governance, and immediate adoption.


From May 31 to June 10 we'll be attending the world's largest printing equipment exhibition in the world, drupa.

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